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What am I doing?

Recently someone asked me: "You don´t have any wrinkles! What are you doing with your face? What kind of creme do you use?"

My first thought was that I am not doing anything, and then I forgot to give a proper answer.

Nobody is "not doing anything", because whatever you do you do something... and what is that?

Well. first of all, I do not know what other people are doing, but it is possible that many people wash the face with soap. 
I do not do that!
It is possible that other people, at least women (!), are carefully cleansing the face with various chemicals. I have seen ads about "deep cleansing" and now when I google on that I find "a whole science" about various cremes, liquids, and brushes to use for cleaning the skin.
I do not use that!
I use water! Ice cold water!
That´s it! 

Hm... yes... that´s it, at least in the morning. It makes me wake up and it makes the face slightly red because it activates the blood flow in the fine vessels. But in the evening, especially after having been outdoors among people, shops and traffic (with a lot of bacteria and smog particles in the air) it´s easy to be wanting to use more than just cold water.
Then I can do this: I mix Bentonite Clay with water so I get a brown "muddy water", which I apply on the face and then I rinse it off with lukewarm water. After that, I finish with cold water.
I think the clay will neutralize the bad particles but preserve the good bacteria on the skin (which the soap would otherwise kill). More about clay further down in the text.

Photo Viveca Lammers
Muddy water from Bentonite Clay

And then... what do I put on my face?
Answer: natural, ecological oils!

Oil versus emulsion
It is not really possible to just apply thick oil on dry skin because the oil will remain as a fat, oily, smudgy, shiny layer on the skin as if it would not be absorbed. It has to be an emulsion, which is a blend, a mixture of oil and water. That can be created by rubbing oil and water between the hands. Or you can rub the oil into wet skin.
After the shower, you can rub oil on the body when it is still wet and after a while, there is no longer any oily feeling.
An emulsion, that is made in this way cannot be preserved in a bottle because it gets divided into oil and water. So it is no use of doing that.
If you want to preserve an emulsion you must ad an emulsifier and then also a preservative. That is what they do when they make all those creams.
In the commercial creams, they have often mixed different oils and then also added perfume.

You can also make such a mixture but why? It is easier to have just a bottle of oil and a water tap! But be careful about the clothes because they can get damaged by oil.

Natural oils
There are so many oils that can be used and they have different qualities. At present, I use sesame oil, hemp oil, rosehip oil, and also some oil from sea-buckthorn. I like the red color of the buckthorn, but it is quite oily.
There is also a certain rosehip oil that has a strong red color and sometimes they have it at Organic Makers. They have everything that you can possibly need for making natural remedies and they sell many, many different oils.  They can be contacted on Facebook.
If I have used a black pen on my eyelids I use castor oil to remove it. That is the only oil that I can apply around the eyes... The other oils I do not apply them around the eyes because they create irritation (but I have not tested all oils that are being sold!). In one ad I found this text: "Take special care to not allow any castor oil to come into contact with the eyes." but my experience is that this goes more for the other oils. (I think they just have to write this because of "safety" when they have recommended it for eyebrows and eyelashes.)

This was mainly because I did not want to have chemicals on the skin because I know that all chemicals that are rubbed into the skin will also penetrate the skin and get absorbed by the body. (Remember the Skripal Case in England!)

Essential oils
So I also do not use the normal deodorants because they contain aluminum which is poisonous and travels into the body.  (To avoid them is easier than to dive into all the scientific discussions about it!) The same goes for their synthetic perfumes.

There are natural oils with a nice fragrance as for example lavender.  These oils do not contain any poison, on the contrary they can also be used in therapies as they all have different effects upon the mind. From lavender, you get calm and happy, and it smells good so you can use it as perfume, while another can make you alert etc.  Have a look at the film here:

Most synthetic soaps and cleansing products are most likely killing all the natural bacteria, which should be on the skin to protect it. They say that there are also some bacteria that are protecting the skin against cancer. (Bacteria are living beings so they can kill certain cells.)

"Feeding the good bugs in your gut is a huge step toward improving your overall health—but it turns out that there’s a microbiome on your skin as well." Read more...

In 2000 a new science has become popular and it is about the importance of gut bacteria. So in the near future, we will probably see many more health products in the form of various pills that contain the right kind of bacteria for this and for that...
If they have not already invented it (?) there will most likely also be many, many new face-creams with "the right kind of bacteria".

But I think that there is probably a lot of natural stuff that can kill the bad ones and preserve the good ones. Maybe apple cider vinegar??? I don´t know but I found some ideas about that.

In an article about skin, collagen must also be mentioned as it contains important building blocks for all types of skin in the body. In the old times people were eating almost all parts of the animals, like skin and cartilage and they made soup from the bones. In this way, they got a lot of collagen, which builds up all the connective tissue in the body. That is a group of special amino acids that we today do not get from the muscle meat that most people eat. Here is more about that!

Collagen has become quite popular and it is sold as a powder, made from both grass-fed beef,  eco-chicken,  and fish.  Beef, chicken, and fish do not contain the same kind of collagen.

Collagen Basics
Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin

Dr. Eric Berg is in this video talking about the different types of collagen and he says that type 1 is for the skin, but it has to be taken together with vitamin C.

Detox with Bentonite Clay
Bentonite powder can selectively bind various pollutants, e.g. aluminum, lead, mercury, cadmium, ammonium and histamine so it can be used for detox. It has something to do with it´s the electrical charge so this powder should not come into contact with any metal (because then it will be neutralized) so use only a spoon of wood or plastic.
Bentonite powder drunk after whisked in water can have a calming effect on sensitive mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. Bentonite MED is therefore particularly suitable for detoxification of users with sensitive gastrointestinal mucosa.   Read more...

Benefits of Bentonite Clay

12 Bentonite Clay Benefits — for the Skin, Gut and More
Bentonite clay stems back far in history as a traditional healing method for protecting the body from disease. It has been reported that several traditional cultures living in regions of the Andes, Central Africa and Australia have applied and consumed volcanic clays in numerous ways for centuries.
It helps to expel toxins and heavy metals. It has antibacterial properties and fights off various pathogens. Read more...

The Health Benefits of Bentonite Clay

Facial Cleansing with Bentonite Clay

This is a powder for making a facial mask, so it is probably just less pure (and maybe cheaper) than the previous one.  Life-flo, Bentonite Clay, Facial Detox, 11.5 oz (326 g)

Another brand of Bentonite Clay

This clay can be bought from so many different shops! When they make a mud mask they mix it with Apple Cider Vinegar, which can probably be bought "in the nearest shop". In Sweden we have it in the big store COOP and the ecological brand is Kung Markatta.  Also sold on the net.  The Swedish Bodystore does not charge for freight in Sweden. Don´t buy the ordinary brands as they can contain pesticides.
And when you have this bottle you can as well drink it (mix with water or sprinkle on salad).  Here is a video about the key benefits of it.

And some other good ideas from Dr. Berg:

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